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Got a question for Yuri? He's a busy man (forging his own signature to send you free copies of forged signed pictures) but he loves to hear from fans and well wishers who want to know more about the amazing life of Yuri Gagarin. He's also a pretty smart guy who doesn't mind dishing out advice to someone who's wiling to listen. So ask away, everything and anything. (Some examples here) If you don't want to be put on the Yuri Gagarin Fan Club Mailing List then just mention that in the message.

And remember, keep reaching for the sky!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Did you miss your girlfriend and/or wife while you were in space? Also, do you have a girlfriend and/or wife? -Rachel B., CA
[Yuri's Answer]

A coworker of mine plays the radio at her desk. She plays it low, but not low enough that other people aren't bothered by it. Nobody wants to say anything, however, because she is black and plays black music. Is there a non-confrontational way to let her know that her music is inappropriate for the workplace? -Not a Racist, UT
[Yuri's Answer]

A friend of mine is worried he might be gay. He says he keeps thinking about sweaty cosmonauts and the heady spirit of manly Comrade-ship aboard Soviet space modules. A single touch can mean so much, don't you think?!? What's your advice? - Mike F., Dublin Ireland
[Yuri's Answer]