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Yuri Gagarin Fan Fiction

Welcome to the Yuri Gagarin Fan Fiction Archive. Please enjoy these flights of fancy from members of the Yuri Gagarin Fan Club. We'd love to add more stories and encourage you to send them to yuri@weloveyurigagarin.com.

> To Boldy Go (Erica Johnson)
I could hardly believe it. Me – a new kid on the block – and Yuri Gagarin – the greatest cosmonaut in the galaxy – on a mission... Together! Excited and terrified, I walked down the long hallway of what would be our training facility (more)

> Star City Stories: Shower in the Spalnya (spacefantasy34)
Yuri and Valya weren't embarrassed at all about showering together. Yuri was used to living around lots of people from his childhood on the collective farm, (more)

> The Angarian Amulet, Part I (Hamsterdam)
He was being followed. One night of hard drinking couldn’t dull his many years of super cosmonaut training. But who could it be? KGB? (more)

> Stargazing (PantherHawk79)
Svetlana tossed her permed hair back behind her shoulder and reclined back on the blanket, resting her head on his supple bicep pillow. "Yuri, tell me this will never end." (more)

> The Space Adventures of a Human Man (part CXXVI) (RainbowLazz17)
Stepping out of the shuttle, Yuri exalted in the freedom of space walking. He was a pro at space walking, after all, he invented it. (more)